Headquarters: Hangzhou, China

Base: Hangzhou 

Founded: 2015

Fleet: 3 x B737-300

Conditions & Terms 

Roster: 2 weeks on 2 weeks off;

Block Hour: 50hours/month;

Monthly Salary: $21,000 including 

  • Monthly service fee: $10,000;
  • Monthly Labor Fee: 10,000CNY (Chinese Yuan) ;
  • Housing Allowance: 10,000CNY/month;
  • Transportation Allowance: 10,000CNY/month;
  • Training Allowance: 6,000CNY/month;

Travel Allowance: 60,000CNY/year;

Operation Bonus: 20,000CNY/year;

​Safety Bonus: 25,000CNY/year;

Insurance Allowance: 50,000CNY/year;

Relocation Fee: 20,000CNY/year;

Other Bonus: $8,000/year;

Contract Completion Contract: $40,000

Other Benefits *: 

  • Instructor: 6,500CNY/month;
  • Management Position: 6,500CNY/month for manager, 13,000CNY/month for general manager. 

​* Expatriate Captains have opportunities to apply for Instructor Position and Management Position. 


YTO Cargo Airlines

External Links:

- Official Website

Job Role: Captain

Type: Contract

Aircraft: B737

Minimum Requirements:

  • 500+ total PIC hours on B737;
  • valid ICAO ATPL with no limitation and restriction;
  • <= 55 years of age;
  • from a country that has diplomatic relations with China;
  • ICAO English level 4 or above;
  • Class 1 Medical Certificate issued by Civil Aviation Authorities of ICAO.