Conditions & Terms                                                     Resident Package                        6 on 2 off                          6 on 3 off

Monthly Salary:                                                           20,000usd                             16,800usd                            15,600usd

  • Basic Salary:                                                     10,000usd                             10,000usd                            10,000usd
  • House Allowance:                                                4,000usd                              1,000usd                               1,000usd
  • Meal Allowance:                                                  1,000usd                              1,000usd                               1,000usd
  • Travel Allowance:                                                2,000usd                              2,000usd                                 800usd
  • Laundry Allowance:                                              1,000usd                             1,000usd                              1,000usd
  • International Roaming Allowance:                         1,000usd                                800usd                                 800usd
  • Education Allowance(reimbursable):                      1,000usd                             1,000usd                              1,000usd                      

Guaranteed Flight Hours:                                               75h/month                           75h/month                           75h/month

                                                                                   750h/year                             750h/year                            750h/year

Overtime Flight Allowance(over 75h):                             365usd/hour                       240usd/hour                          240usd/hour

Annual Leave:                                                                50 days                                    N/A                                      N/A



Job Role: Captain

Type: Contract

Aircraft: B737NG

Minimum Requirements:

  • 3,000+ total hours, 600+ total PIC hours on large aircraft;
  • valid ICAO ATPL;
  •  <=57 years of age for B737 Captain, <=55 years of age for non-B737 Captain;
  • from a country that has diplomatic relations with China;
  • ICAO English level 4 or above;
  • Class I Medical Certificate issued by Civil Aviation Authorities of ICAO;
  • assessment certificate of 'no accident' issued by former airline.


Location: Guangzhou, China

Founded: 2015

Aircraft: B737NG (18 in service, 50 ordered)